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LyHo pharma
Room1, 8Floor, No.21, Section 6, Zhongxiao East Rd,
Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan 115
LyHo Pharmaceutical is dedicated to the innovation, research and development, marketing and sales services in the pharmaceutical market. Since its establishment, LyHo Pharmaceutical has made numerous advances in the development of generic pharmaceutical and healthcare products for use in humans. Widely used in every hospital and pharmacy, the company’s advanced medical and health-care products helps ensure better health and quality of life.

The LyHo scope of operations is primarily centered on generic pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health food, raw materials for pharmaceutical products, special foods, and food additives. LyHo imports and markets
LyHo’s Sales-Force Group Companies
Pharmaceutical products are majorly through SUCCESS-MEDICAL
Medical Devices are majorly through BESTCARE.
LyHo Pharmaceutical activities are carried out in 3 distinct areas:
marketing health-care products for LyHo Pharmaceutical and other companies.
research, development and registration of health-care products.
promotion of health-care products.
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